My Triangle

Since Tommy’s a little older now, I find myself watching Sesame Street… a lot. When I first started watching, I was unaware that Sesame Street brings in celebrity guests for the show, and often has singers do parodies of their songs. This was the first time I noticed this– it’s a song I used to hear ALL THE TIME on the radio (I swear they played it every few songs). So, enjoy!

An ode to an old friend

You were always there for me. You may not have always been accessible, but I always knew you were there, somewhere, beside me. I knew that if I ever really needed you, I could count on you to be there to help me find my way.

When the world became difficult and confusing, when things didn’t make sense, you were there to help me clear my head and figure things out. You helped me to see things as they really were.

And even though being with you sometimes gave me headaches, not being with you was so much worse. I don’t know how I would have made it without you. You, my dear, have helped me so much in my searching that I am unable to imagine a life without you.

…I’m speaking, of course, about my glasses, which I recently made the mistake of leaving out where the baby could reach them. They are now broken and being held together oh-so-stylishly with shipping tape. Where’s a welder when you need one…? I’m not even sure they can be fixed. Or at least, I don’t think they can be fixed and remain sturdy until my next appointment.

My poor, poor glasses. May they rest in peace.

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